Saving Money on Honey and Syrup

We buy local, raw honey at a great price of $13 for 5 pounds.  We can EASILY go through 5 lbs per week, since honey is our primary sweetener for eating and baking.  When we have pancakes… well, the honey level lowers at an alarming rate!

So one morning, after hearing a few complaints of, “Why can’t we have maple syrup?” and “Honey doesn’t soak in to the pancakes,” I decided to take action.  (Most of my frugal ideas are hatched in moments of desperation.) I poured 1 cup of honey into a measuring cup, added 1 cup of slightly warm water and a dash of vanilla, stirred it up and set it on the table with a small ladle.  The children tried it, and they loved it!  It soaked into their pancakes (unlike “straight” honey) and therefore they used less.  We store this honey-water syrup in the refrigerator.

Of course, being the slightly ultra-frugal nut that I am, NEXT time we had pancakes, I tried 1 cup of honey with 3 cups of water… we decided we weren’t THAT desperate!  I do plan to try this with maple syrup.  Or I may experiment with adding maple flavoring to the honey “syrup” and see how that goes.  The possibilities are endless – be creative.

One more note: another extremely simple way to save money on honey is to never lose your honey bear! You know, the one with the lid where you can cut the opening to the size you want?  The one that’s not a usual shopping list item because you already have one at home?  Right now we have a flip-top lid with a 1/4 inch opening…  Just picture the glee that ensues when children – who are accustomed to squeezing a tiny-nozzled honey bear with all their might – apply that same pressure to our current jar.

Did you know a 1/4 inch opening can produce a 1/2 inch stream of honey?  I wonder if honey dispensing can be measured in ounces per second…

Anyone want to save money by sharing a case of empty honey bears? 🙂

For more Frugal Fridays tips, head over to Life As Mom!

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4 comments to Saving Money on Honey and Syrup

  • Your honey idea sounds delicious! I wish I lived upstate (New York)near my sister. She and her husband have their own bee hives! The honey is amazing. Alas, she is 9 hours away. So I have to stick with store-bought honey. I can’t wait for the local farmstand to open, though. It carries local honey, which not only tastes great but makes me feel like I’m supporting people in my own town.
    That’s funny about the kids squeezing the flip-top container. I can just picture the sticky mess!

  • I never thought about using honey on pancakes. We went through a qt of maple syrup in 4 months (just for a family of 3) so that can get pretty expensive, too. I’ll have to try this! We just got some maple syrup from our dairy farm, so I might “water down” theirs too. Thanks for the tip!

  • I couldn’t help but link to this on my weekly link roundup! Sounds delicious. I’m hoping that within the next few years, we can get some bees going on our farm for our own honey. Hubs’s grandfather used to have bees, so I think it’s do-abale.

  • I love your idea with the honey syrup on pancakes, we’ve used the honey/water idea for years for our summer sweet tea (served cold with ice, honey doesn’t work well) We just mix half and half with hot water and put in a picnic ketchup type squeeze bottle. It has the same top as the honey bear, you can buy them in the kitchen gadgets or in the cake decorating isles. These bottles are also great for naturally fermented soy sauce, bought in bulk, and shampoo/conditioner bought in bulk.

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