Working On Schedules

Inspired by this post by Connie at Smockity Frocks, I dusted off my MOTH (Managers of Their Homes) book.  I picked up different colored Post-It notes and posterboard, and my chart is on a hallway wall, partially filled in.  The children are so excited, and are looking forward to having a highly visual Plan Of the Day, or POD, as my ex-Navy husband likes to say.  Hey, that’s great!  The Cardamom’s POD – too cool!

Next up is dusting off my MOTC (Managers of Their Chores) which will help me iron out the wrinkles in daily, weekly, and monthly chores.  I’m thankful my children really are good workers most of the time, and as long as they know what to do, they’ll tackle it with a will.  Usually it’s been my lack of organization in routines that has kept things from running smoothly.  By God’s grace, that aspect is being addressed.

I find it such a blessing that as I am praying for God’s help in this area of my life, that there’s been all sorts of posts popping up by my “bloggy” friends about how they manage their chores!  Just yesterday, Kim at Life in a Shoe posted her current chore list.  I’ve been going back and copying down the “weeklies” Connie mentions in her video.  It looks to me as if she’s taken daily tasks such as sweeping and cleaning high traffic areas and assigned it to one child on a weekly basis.  So it gets done everyday, but by a different child.  Brilliant! 🙂  I’m also working on “focus areas” (I first heard that at Large Family Logistics) or “jurisdictions” (as the Duggars say).  Of course, my friend Kimberly at Raising Olives has posted a lot on the subject of chores and scheduling.

Please share if there are any posts that have encouraged and inspired you in this area!

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5 comments to Working On Schedules

  • I just showed dh that video of Connie last night! He is looking for some hsing moms to do short clips on different hsing and organizational topics to put on The Homeschool Channel and the Facebook page for THC. I am also getting ready to use her method. I realized it is from MOTH, but Roan (at Joyfull Always) an IRL friend, had told me that it would stress my some as the Maxwell school is more textbook-y where mine is more of a read and do school (long time KONOS user and rep). But I am going to try to get it to work for me. Whenever I can find a time to get it together, that is!

    Hope you have a very blessed weekend!

  • ahhhh, inspiration!! It’s a great thing! And there are some great ideas out there that we can all incorporate into our day! With 7 children and one on the way, we have lots of chores, but also lots of help. We try to keep things “age appropriate” and we rotate chores with the older girls. One of the things I appreciate the most is the older girls “watching” the little boys while I get my chores done- that’s the biggest blessing of all!

  • Great ideas here!

    I can’t wait until my kids can do more than pick up their toys and take care of the recycling.

    I have an award for you on my blog.

  • Amy

    I really need to come back and read this when I’m more awake and look at your links because this is an area I definitely need some help in.

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