SpellQuizzer Review

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As a homeschool mom, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate spelling practice into our daily routine, especially in a fun and engaging style.  Because I am currently homeschooling 9 children, if some of that spelling practice can be done without my direct help, I consider it a bonus!

SpellQuizzer is a software designed to help children master spelling words quickly on their own using a computer. Basically, the child listens to a voice recording word, along with its use in a sentence.  The child then types the word into the computer, which checks the spelling.  At the end of the list, if any words were missed, there is an option to practice those missed words.

It has a very simple interface, with no distracting pictures, so it really helps children to focus.  My 7 and 9 year olds could not get enough of it – one actually cried when I said it was time to stop.

You can enter your own spelling lists into SpellQuizzer by typing in each word then recording the word in your own voice, ideally using it in a proper sentence – with a goofy twist if you like!  If you don’t have time for recording your own lists, the SpellQuizzer website has numerous spelling lists that you can download and import into SpellQuizzer – the instructions are on the website and are very clear.

Another neat feature is the ability to export a spelling list.  Let’s say you and a friend (or a homeschool co-op group) are using the same spelling curriculum, and everyone also has SpellQuizzer software.  If one person creates the spelling list in SpellQuizzer, you can export it and send the file to everyone so they can upload it and have easy practice sessions with their children.  If you have any questions about doing anything, there are demo videos at SpellQuizzer that walk you through what you need to know.

Okay, so here’s my nutshell version of the pros and cons of SpellQuizzer software…

What I liked:

  • The no-frills, easy-to-use interface.  My 7-year-old figured out the program with minimal instruction.
  • If a word is missed, a box pops up immediately which shows the correct spelling in green letters, and the wrong spelling in red letters.  In my experience, instant feedback like that is a very effective method of teaching for children.
  • After spelling practice is done, there is an option where your child can practice the spelling words they missed.  Congratulations pop up if your child spelled the words right that they missed before.
  • You can download a trial version and use it for 30 days to see how it works before you buy it.
  • If you buy it, I think the price is very affordable at $29.95 for bringing a customizable “tutor” into your home that can be used anytime, with as many children as you like.
  • Dan Hite, the developer of SpellQuizzer, is very helpful and patient with questions and technical support, if needed.  I know this from experience!

What I didn’t like:

  • Recording my own lists, while definitely fun for the children, does take time.  I plan to make up for this by having my older children record some lists – which can also double as diction practice for them.
  • When words are correctly spelled, there is no sound or word of congratulations, the program just moves to the next word.  I would really like to hear at least a “That’s right!” or “Correct” before the next word plays. UPDATE: Dan wrote to let me know that there IS an option for this.  There are several sounds available, or any .wav file can be used – you can even record your own.  The default setting for this is “off” since Dan found that his own children became weary of that feature quickly.
  • I could not figure out a way to get the sound to play on my computer speakers – we have to plug in headphones to use the software.  This could be simply my lack of techno-savvy about computer speakers…  I also had trouble getting my recordings to work right at first – until I discovered my web-cam also has a microphone – there were conflicts with my other microphone. (This is where I learned how helpful customer support is.)

And now for the giveaway!  One Cardamom’s Pod reader will have the opportunity to win their very own copy of SpellQuizzer software – absolutely free!

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This giveaway will end at 9:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday, November 19th. The winner will be notified by email.  Have fun!

I was given a free copy of SpellQuizzer software in order to facilitate this review – no other compensation was received.  All statements are 100% my own unbiased opinion.

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