Early Language Skills from Inglés 360 (Review)

Inglés 360 is a pretty neat little company.  The founder and author, Ana Capurro, lives in South America, where she teaches English as a foreign language to young children.  She has put together a cute collection of teaching helps and games for that purpose.  Why am I reviewing it?  These resources are not only for teaching English as a foreign language.  They are wonderful for developing early English language skills in children ages 3-7.

Here’s the cool part – every time you purchase an e-book, game, or CD from the Inglés360 website, that money helps provide free Inglés 360 resources to schools and institutes who need help teaching English.

I had the opportunity to review some of the games – they are very colorful and easy to use.  I have only had time to do one with my 4-year-old daughter so far.

The artwork is lovely and even though I don’t have my color printer yet, Sarah was immediately drawn to the game.  She knows the letter S very well since she can spell her name, but this game presented a nice sorting challenge for her.  There were 3 sets of 6 cards – each set had the same 6 pictures in it – all beginning with the letter S.  One set had the names of the pictures in capital letters, one set was in lowercase, and one set had no letters at all.  Sarah sorted the pictures correctly onto each mat – it took her a little bit to differentiate between the upper and lower case letters, but she figured it out.  My10-year-old son thought it was really cool that the mat where the pictures-only cards belonged had the sign language symbol for S.

I found this very enjoyable – especially since all I had to do was cut out the cards!  For greater durability, the pictures can be pasted onto card stock and laminated.  Envelope templates are provided for storing the cards after use.  (And for those of you who don’t have color printers, you can let your children use markers to color the cards.  You could even turn that into a skill game by having them look at the colored version on the computer and try to “copy” it themselves.)

Another game I looked over was a grammar-based game on how to answer the question, “Who?”  I have to admit – I’ve never really thought about teaching that to my preschoolers, since we do that daily in our conversation.  The concept is taught and reinforced by a few fun multiple-choice games.  I know my two younger girls will enjoy it.

I’m not kidding when I tell you there are quite a few resources available from Inglés 360.  This is only a list of grammar-based games…

Learn more:

  • Inglés 360 website – This highlights the different resources available – teaching English to “kinders”, vocabulary games, number games, pocket charts, flannel boards, and more.
  • Blog – Free resources and teaching tips.
  • Facebook page – this is the author’s page (in Spanish).
  • Currclick – materials are available here for easy download
  • Sunday Scholar – Ana also produces Christian materials suitable for Sunday school or homeschool.

Win some!

For each letter of the alphabet, Inglés 360 offers a set of ready-to-use games.  How would you like to win a set for all 26 letters of the alphabet? 🙂 Head over to The Homeschool Village to read more reviews and enter the giveaway.

Review Disclaimer: Please note that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this resource by The Homeschool Village specifically for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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