Heading into Crowds…with a Crowd


My husband’s nickname is Mr. Safety, especially with our beloved children. Here’s a little routine we have whenever we’re heading into a situation like Disney World, a county fair, a parade, seafood festival, the beach…. you get the idea.

Just before we load into the van, we line up all the children and take a picture of the bunch with our digital camera that is going with us. This way, in case one of the children gets lost, we have a current photo of them with what they’re wearing that day.
This preparation gives us a little peace of mind if anything were to happen – thankfully, nothing has! Well, except for the time we lost Nate at Disney when he was 6…. We had him back in less than 15 minutes. I believe that is what started this routine – we had to describe what he was wearing and we didn’t have a closeup of him on our digital camera!p2230077
The other thing we have done is to have each of us wear yellow or red bandannas, and red or yellow shirts. These colors are very eye-catching in a crowd, and make it easy to spot a little one wandering off. Whoever doesn’t want to wear a bandanna on their head must tie it loosely around their necks or waists, tied to a belt loop – somewhere visible.

The fringe benefit to all this is some great “age-progression” photos of the clan!  Keeping track of my crowd, while we’re in a crowd, definitely works for me!

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  • Sheer genius! I have often had those moments, when I can’t see one of the cowboys while we are out, of wrackin’ my brain for what he is wearing! Too cool!

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