Homemade Microfiber Cloths


Have any old felt laying around?  You can make your own “microfiber” cloths!

I found out that with just felt and water, I can remove most pencil, crayon and all basic dirt from just about any surface.  (Test on a hidden section of whatever surface you’re cleaning first.)  Keep a little bucket of water handy for frequent rag rinses, and a towel for drying.  Crayon takes a little scrubbing, but it does come off without anything else.  If it’s bad, a little WD-40 on one cloth will wipe the crayon right off, followed up by a soapy cloth and a rinse.  (Of course, I prefer to make the crayon criminals wipe up with just water – for a few minutes, anyway, until their arms get tired!)  A drop or two of dish soap on the cloth works up a nice foam to be used on greasy dirt, and can be rinsed off with another regular wash cloth.  On my bumpy tile, these cloths get into the cracks and crannies and save me getting out the scrub brush.  I wish I’d had them when I had linoleum!  To clean the cloths – just machine wash and dry.

The story: I have many small children, therefore, I have many marks to clean off of walls, floors, furniture… Usually I employ my children as cleaners.  We have washable paint on the walls, but we have an “orange peel” finish – lots of little bumps that frustrate little helpers.  My usual method has been to use a combination of washcloths, soapy water, and lots of scrubbing, followed by Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the stubborn spots of pencil and crayon.

One desperate morning when I looked at a few areas on the walls where the children’s hands frequent, and I was out of Magic Eraser, I was seriously considering scouring pads!!  Obviously, I couldn’t do that, so wondered if I had anything that was “like” microfiber.  I tried cheesecloth – no good; some meshy-like stuff – also no good.  Then I spied a big yellow piece of felt in my fabric box – hmmm, would it work?  I cut off a test square, dipped it in water, and worked on a small section.

Feeling giddy, I immediately cut up the rest of the cloth into large and small squares, for large and small hands, and called all the children.  “Look at this!” I cried, my eyes shining with glee.  I showed them how easy it was to wipe off the dirt, and, to their credit, a few of them said, “Wow! Can I do it?” received their squares, and went to work.  The olders, although impressed, knew what was coming, and weren’t quite as eager, but participated.  Most of the children worked for about 15 minutes, but I was going around the house, in between other activities, for the rest of the day!

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