Keeping in Touch with Daddy

It’s Works For Me Wednesday! Daddy occasionally leaves messages on the whiteboard for the children during the day.  They always love them.  There’s just something about the children seeing Daddy’s handwriting, even if it’s a to-do list!

When Daddy switched from a Mon-Fri 8-hour schedule, to rotating 12-hour shifts, I asked if he would consider leaving a message/cartoon for the children on those days when he would leave at 5am before they were awake.  I thought it might help them feel his love for them through the day, especially since he wouldn’t be home until they were ready for bed.  He agreed, and it became an instant hit.


The children wake up in the morning, check the whiteboard, and read it over and over – out loud, with expression.  They wake up their siblings, saying, “There’s a new cartoon!!!”  Bleary-eyed children stumble out of beds to check out the latest love note from Daddy.


And woe to the Mommy who even THINKS of erasing Daddy’s notes, even if they are in the middle of her main school board and she needs room for the spelling list… (I’ve learned to work around them – should have taken a picture of that!)  These notes stay up at least 3 or 4 days – until Daddy makes a new one, or Mommy certifies that she’s taken a picture – then it’s OK to erase them.


Especially fun are the messages he leaves when he is on the last day of a 4-day set of 12-hour shifts.  It could be any day of the week, but he always calls it a Friday…


At the end of the day is everyone’s favorite part – he comes home and reads the note out loud, using his own inflections and expressions.  Then of course ALL the children have to give their OWN interpretations…


As of Monday (June 22) he’s back to a M-F 8-hour training schedule again – in class studying for his nuclear reactor operator’s license in 2011.  This is the latest note (right in the middle of my spelling list board again)! 🙂

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5 comments to Keeping in Touch with Daddy

  • I absolutely love this idea! I am laughing about your having to “work around” the drawings and messages. That sounds like how it would be at our house.

    p.s. I am adding you on my blogroll!

  • Too cool! Your hubby is so artistic! and creative! Very cool!

  • What a great idea! My hubby’s job hours changed about a year ago. He used to work evenings so we had mornings together. He now leaves early & is gone most of the day – I’ll have to mention this to him.
    When he worked nights, I’d write a note to him at bedtime & he’d reply when he got home so I could read it while he slept in the morning.
    What we do to keep family communcation happenin’ despite schedules!
    Thanks for the interesting post!

  • That is the sweetest thing! He sounds like a loving dad. 🙂

  • I LOVE these cartoons. Such a great idea. At least he is communicating! I wish I had a dry erase board that big! Mine is little and I carry it from room to room.
    We leave notes for my DH who works 2nd shift in a binder and then he “writes back” so we can read them in the morning…

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