July 2nd – 15 years!


“And let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season ye shall reap, if ye faint not.”
Galatians 6:9

Today my beloved husband, David, and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage!  We are grateful to the Lord for bringing us together, and for sustaining our marriage by His mercy and grace.  Our relationship is far sweeter now than when it began, and we cannot imagine our lives without each other, or without the 9 precious children God has given to us.

So how do we plan to celebrate?  Well, since Dave has tomorrow off, after the children’s bedtime we were going to go to a local restaurant that has live bluegrass music on Thursday nights.  That would have been fine if I was the only one with a cold…  But after caring for me and the children over the weekend, Dave finally succumbed and has been having fevers the last couple nights.  So we’ll have to postpone our little celebration.

Anniversary Cake

Update: Everyone helped to make this delicious creation!

But wait – we have 9 children who know it’s our anniversary!  All of them can plan, and many of them can cook and decorate.  I’ve hinted that there are two pieces of filet mignon in the freezer, plus a small tenderloin roast.  One of the children usually makes a cake, and we’ll put our wedding cake topper on it.

I think we’ll also dig out our wedding videos and watch them with the children  – we haven’t viewed them for a couple years.  One of our favorite things is to watch when Dave was waiting for the invitation to kiss his bride.  He was trying to unobtrusively moisten his lips, and the minister surprised us by giving a summary of how we met, and he kept going on…and on… while Dave kept moistening.  That’s funny enough, but Dave’s ideal way is to watch it on fast-forward/play – hilarious!

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2 comments to July 2nd – 15 years!

  • Congratulations!
    15 years is a blessed accomplishment (not to mention the 9 additional blessings!)
    Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

  • Congrats Dave & Kimarie! Seems like yesterday that you were married, in a way, I suppose it since we don’t get to see y’all very often … I meant to send you something for this event and didn’t. So sorry! I’ll make it up to you sometime. 🙂

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