Quickly Cut Your Grocery Bill

When money gets tight – really tight – we implement a couple of tips to immediately drop our grocery bill.  Actually we try to live this way as much as possible, but we also try to be balanced and realistic.

If it’s pre-packaged – like tortillas, chips, cookies, noodles, cereal, breads, corned beef hash, whatever – don’t buy it.  These items, per ounce, are always priced higher, and full of preservatives.  Learn to make them yourself at home.

Homemade noodles - large family style!

Homemade noodles - large family style!

In order to make as many things yourself at home, keep only single ingredient items on hand in your pantry – the basic staples.  These include baking supplies, meats, veggies, etc.  I find that on the occasions I keep canned or boxed things on hand, I gravitate to those first and we eat a bunch of store-bought pre-made food for days, and lose energy.

Yes, this takes time, but when you determine (or are forced) to make as many things from scratch as possible, it is interesting to see how simple your meals become.  If you have children, spend this time with them – teaching them how to research recipes, calculate costs per meal/serving, make your own mixes, stock the freezer with meals, and cook all sorts of things.  The possibilities are endless and everyone will learn valuable skills that will last for a lifetime.

To give you an example, one of our “fast-food” meals is ground turkey formed into patties, sprinkled with seasoned salt, and fried up in a little oil.  We scrub potatoes, cook and “smash them” with some butter, garlic, and sour cream – the peels are nutritious.  Heat up some frozen veggies and add bread if you have it, or whip up some easy biscuits.  All this can be done within 1 hour from mealtime, even if you didn’t thaw the meat.

I’m working on some posts with pictures of meals we’ve made recently – potato wedges; Italian stuffed shell “casserole” with homemade pasta and freshly made ricotta; and quick “refried” beans/lentils.  I have other recipes you can browse by clicking under “Peruse the Pod” in my sidebar.

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7 comments to Quickly Cut Your Grocery Bill

  • Patty

    Thanks for the motivation!!

  • I have been doing this also for a while. It is amazing how quickly I can whip something up from scratch! My husband brags to everyone how I cook everything from scratch. I went so far as to give all my prepacked foods to my sister, since that’s how she cooks. I am so glad to know I’m not the only one cooking this way!

  • I have been trying to do more of this. Thanks for sharing how you do it!

  • I do this a lot. I rarely buy prepackaged foods any more because (1) the expense and (2) we really prefer homemade! People we go to church with are just amazed that I know how to make so many things from scratch! They think it’s just so hard to do all that when it really takes very little time at all to grab all the ingredients and need and whip something up. I think (in some cases), it can take less time to make than a prepackaged item. The only time difference is in the planning!

    It’s great to find others who think this way, too!

  • Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know that you’re adding me to your blog roll. I am very humbled and appreciative that you like my blog enough to want to return. I’ve loved reading your blog for a while and find it very inspirational!

  • Thanks for the inspiration…I need to do more of this (letting necessity be the mother of invention!).

  • What a great tip and I realized while reading your post that I do that already when money is tight. When I have extra to spend I “splurge” on convenience items. Not very good for us or our budget.

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