Put Garlic To Work For You

This information has been (too) near and dear to my heart lately, as our family has been battling a pretty nasty virus for the last two weeks.

Garlic is an amazing herb!  It has a lot of “anti-bad-stuff” properties 🙂 .  Here’s some ways to put it to work for you…

For earache: carefully peel a clove of garlic and put it in your ear like a hearing aid.  This really works!  In about an hour, I’ve had the pain subside.  For faster relief, great for children, you can crush a clove in garlic and warm it in a little olive oil.  Strain.  Have the child lay on their side, and fill the hurting ear with the warm oil.  CAUTION! Put a drop of oil on the inside of your wrist first to make sure it’s not too hot! Now take a moist washcloth that is as warm as the child can stand it, and place it over the affected ear, changing compresses to keep it as warm as possible for 10 minutes, then placing a dry towel over after to avoid the wet ear feeling cold.  This usually relieves pain very quickly, and the antibacterial properties of the garlic get to work.  My children have usually fallen asleep within minutes of starting this treatment.

For taking internally: Yes, there are lots of odorless garlic capsules available.  However, I usually have fresh garlic on hand.  Children can take up to one clove a day, in 3 divided doses.  As an adult, I take up to 3 cloves a day when I am ill.  I crush the garlic into a spoon, smother it with raw honey, and GULP!  If it’s done correctly, none of it gets on your tongue – otherwise you’ll have dragon breath!  One more thing – be sure to take this after a meal.  When I’ve done this on an empty stomach, I’ve gotten dizzy and burped like crazy.

For garlic poultices: Crush a clove of garlic onto a paper towel.  Pour warm, not hot, water over it, and let it sit for a few minutes.  Gently squeeze the paper towel so it’s not dripping, and place this poultice on the body for no more than 60 seconds in any one area.  This works well for young infants – you can place the poultice on the soles of their feet.

And now my favorite – a rub that won’t burn your skin! It’s called GOOT – Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment.  Take equal amounts of chopped, fresh garlic, organic coconut oil, and organic olive oil.  I usually use 1/4 cup of each.  If needed, warm the coconut oil just enough to liquefy it.  Use a blender (I prefer a stick blender) and pulverize the oils and garlic for a few minutes.  Strain through cheesecloth into a glass (try to get as much of the pulp out – you may have to squeeze the cloth a bit), and refrigerate the oil for about 1 hour or until it’s firm.  (You can use the leftover garlic pulp on garlic bread!)  After that, it’s safe to rub on chests and backs for coughs and congestion, on the throat for sore throats, on the sinuses, etc.  I find it really helps to break up stubborn congestion.  Naturally, you and your house will smell like an Italian eatery, but it’s simple and effective.   You’ll need to make a new batch after two weeks, or if you aren’t using it sooner than that, just spread it on bread and make garlic toast!  Nothing goes to waste!

…PLEASE note I am not a medical doctor and nothing in this post should be construed as medical advice…

I have lots of other WFMW tips, or head over to We Are THAT Family for a couple hundred more!

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