When Your Husband Comes Home

taking care of Daddy

Beth and Sarah give a head-scratch and back-pounding while Daddy relaxes after work.

What special things do you and your family do to welcome your husband home from work or a trip?

I often try to make sure I have clean clothing on, put on a dab of lotion that he likes to smell, brush my hair and teeth.  Sometimes I’m frantically finishing these things up as he’s coming in the driveway (thankfully we have a LONG driveway!).

For the house, we try to make sure things are picked up, put away – since many times his first words upon walking in have been, “Clear the walkways!” 🙂 He also loves the smell of dinner cooking and fresh-baked bread.  Sometimes I’ll time my bread-baking so it’s done just before he arrives – he walks in, sighs, and says, “It sure smells good in here!  Smells like home!”

Most days, when he arrives in the afternoon – he simply gets mobbed by the children running out the door, waiting for him to park his truck.  Many times he has to roll down the window and remind the younger ones to step back so he can open his door!  If it’s raining, the children become automatic door-openers when they hear his steps on the stairs.  Usually he gets far enough in the house to close the door and then it’s hug time!

If he takes a few minutes to unwind after he changes – he’ll sit in a chair in the living room and someone may give him a footrub, while the children take turns rubbing or pounding his back, while he tells us about his day.

I get a lot of ideas from The Generous Wife – the daily tips come to my inbox and get tucked away for future use.

Another thing I’m trying to do lately is to have some music playing.  The other day he found a new song he really liked and he kept playing it over and over.  So last night I had the song loaded up on YouTube, ready to hit play just before he came in the door.  The children were tucked in their beds.

He called saying that power was out at his usual gas station, and he had to go past our house to go to a different station, and would be home later.  OK – I checked on the children, and kept part of the curtains open so I could see when he came in the driveway.

The moment arrived – I peeked through a 1/4 inch opening between the curtains and waited for him to start walking toward the house.  He grabbed his bag and turned toward the steps.  I dashed off to the study, hit the play button on the computer, and went to “brush my hair” in our bathroom.

And forgot that I had locked the door.

After a certain time of day, my Mr. Safety likes us to keep the outer doors locked – just for security purposes.  Of course, I forgot this while concocting my perfect little plan.

I opened the door, laughing, and it still worked out that the first line of the song started right as he stepped inside.  He just melted and said, “Oh, wow…”


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3 comments to When Your Husband Comes Home

  • I love this! I’m sure he appreciates all you do to make him feel special.

    (Thanks for the compliment on my new header. I really liked my old design, but I needed to make a few tiny changes and since I had won that design from a professional, I couldn’t change anything without paying, and well… ahem, I am the queen of cheap, sooooo I made the changes myself. I’m debating about deleting the yellow background and going with white, like you have. Any suggestions?)

  • What an excellent post topic! Thank you for the motivation!

  • Interesting! I have seen pictures in those there nature books of social grooming. Interesting how the youngins get the job of de-lousing and de-fleaing the dominant male. Ah well, I guess it is a source of extra protein for them!

    No disrespect to the excellent attentiveness of the devoted wife. Just a male thing. I could not let that picture pass.

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