Not Me Monday: No Egrets

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When my husband texts me from work, and I’m in the middle of talking/teaching/training, I do not flip open my cell phone and put it to my ear.  I mean, really – it’s a text!  I have to push a button, and READ it.  I know that.

When an egret flew in front of my husband’s car, and ended up coming home with him, we most certainly did not allow the event to become another impromptu homeschool science lesson.


My girls were not commenting on the type of feet, the shape of the wings,
and the beauty of the feathers.children studying egret

(And no matter what anyone says, I do not have some beautifully wispy egret feathers in a small vase on my dresser.  Not me!)


This is an ordinary pile of clean laundry – wait – I never have clean piles of laundry on my couch.


And my children never enjoy hiding in the clean piles of laundry that are ordinarily not on my couch.

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6 comments to Not Me Monday: No Egrets

  • Jenny

    Hey there- thanks for stopping by! I came RIGHT over when I saw you have 9 children- how awesome!!! And they’re all beautiful 😉 I’m sure I’ll be back to visit again soon!

  • Michal

    I just popped over from MCKS…I don’t know if this will go through so I’ll only write a sentence or two. I lived once in Sweden and learned to LOVE cardamon so I just picked your site when I was going to “try to eat just one.”

  • Michal

    Wow! It worked. Can you see my email to reply if you wish? immichal AT yahoo I used to homeschool my now grown kids. Once we stopped to check out a dead possum on the side of the road. It wasn’t squished as they usually are. As I turned it over with my foot, my three year old daughter on my hip squealed a line that forever amused her grandpa “Kick it in the ditch! Kick it in the ditch!” But no….I was explaining the wonders of nature when I saw the belly roiling. I thought “Oops, Michal, even you have gone too far. It must have maggots.” But no… was little snouts. The marsupial pouch held 8 babies, four still alive. I ran to the store for a box, took the critter home and we ended up having half the neighborhood in the bathroom as I tried to re-warm the babies. Little did I know they’re really a nuisance rodent. A “wild life lady” finally came. Weeks later we went to her home to visit and my daughter, now four, enjoyed carrying a baby around on her head. They love to cling to hair. Egret feathers are more artistic!

  • You have a beautiful family! Happy Monday 🙂

  • Today, I learned what an egret is! Beautiful bird–poor little guy! =*( I’m glad you were able to find a positive spin from the unfortunate accident.

  • We are soon to be joining you in the homeschool adventure and I would do the same thing with the bird! so fun! and I never have piles of clean laundry laying around either. 🙂

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