Homeschool Cubby Shelf

cubbyhole organizer for homeschool

This great shelf was given to us by friends who run a Christian preschool/daycare center.  It solved a lot of problems for organizing our homeschool supplies.  Each of our 9 children has their own personal cubby, decorated with permanent markers, on the upper right.  Mom has one on the left, and the other cubbies hold school books, dictionaries, science kits, Mighty Mind, Cuisenaire rods, stencils, lined paper, scrap paper for drawing, and other books that are free for little ones to read at specified times.  On top are all the books for the current year, along with some art supplies kept out of reach of little hands.   I’ve considered making doors for it – either out of plywood painted with chalkboard paint, or using extra whiteboards.  For those interested in dimensions – it’s 4 feet wide by 5 feet high, and has 40 spaces.

We originally used this for a few months in our mud room for shoes, but this setup works much better for us.  We have another unit in our sewing room that is not in picture-perfect condition, but holds a lot of stuff!  I’ve given thought to perhaps giving it away to homeschooling friends of ours.  My husband thought perhaps we could turn it on its side, and mount it on the wall in the study to hold old magazines that we want to save (like Backwoods Home, Countryside, Family Handyman, etc.).

Update: This shelf is now in our library/homeschool room.

Stick around for a little longer!  I love to share ideas that work for me!  Please check out a LOT more at We Are THAT Family.

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