Not Me Monday: Gone to the Dogs

I walked into the little girls’ room before bed, and found Sarah (3) and Miriam (5) giving Beth (9) a backrub.  I broke into a wide grin, which did not freeze on my face, because I was NOT hearing these words:

Miriam: Do you want to take a picture of us, Mom?
Sarah: <smiling brightly and nodding>
Beth: Yeah! They popped my fingers, popped my toes, and now are massaging me…

I did not have to duck into the hallway to laugh for a minute, then come back to have a brief discussion about chiropractors and arthritis.

This did NOT remind me of the other time where all I could do was laugh.

I’m sure you can figure out that, with 9 children, I have so many helpers that we never get behind on cleaning the refrigerator. I most certainly do NOT have to bring in outside help.

Disclaimer: This is the first, and last, time a dog will "help" clean the fridge, ahem.

Participating in MckMama’s Not Me Monday carnival.
“Being brutally honest and living to tell about it.”

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