Not Me Monday: Whiteboards and Dancing

A whiteboard in our library and schoolroom was not frustrating me, so I did not decide to re-hang it in the middle of dictating spelling for homeschool:

I was not late to a book club meeting last week, because I not only had to drop off a UPS package (I had to find the UPS store) on the way, but I also did NOT miss the highway exit because of traffic.  Little children did not woefully say, “NOW what do we DO?” while I calmly drove to the next exit, got back on the highway going the opposite direction, and turned off on the road they recognized a mere 7 minutes later.  As we exited the highway, one of my sons did not helpfully say, “Well!  Now we know how to get there from THIS direction in case you miss the exit again, Mom.”

For my first attempt at attaching a video to a post, my little girls do not think that one of Daddy’s upbeat songs is a good time to practice ballroom dancing, with a London-bridge-is-falling-down twist.

And Daddy NEVER messes with Mommy while she’s filming…

Participating in MckMama’s Not Me Monday carnival.
“Being brutally honest and living to tell about it.”

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