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4 Moms, 35 Kids. Starting in August, they have been giving their readers a virtual glimpse into their homes, and how they manage things for their larger-than-average families.

We’ve tagged along and showed you our:

While writing the master bedroom post last week, I had so much fun digging through old pictures!  Here’s one of our laundry “room” back when our children were younger (but still just as funny).  We actually had shelves on the wall, and way too much stuff on them.  I really do not remember why all the children were sitting on the appliances…

Here is another “before” picture.  If you’ve been following our Open House posts, this might look familiar to you.  That’s right!  It’s our current library and schoolroom.  This was taken the day my husband and oldest son began framing out the walls.  They put insulation in the laundry room wall, so now we can run laundry all day and the noise doesn’t bother us in the library.  The crib and mattresses are there because this room was the temporary girl’s room during remodeling.

Our laundry room was one of the first areas that I organized after remodeling.  The paneled wall is very handy for hanging all our central vacuum tools and accessories, ironing board, and a few brooms and dustpans.  Underneath the central vac hangs our custom made generator cord.  When we lose power during storms – and it happens regularly, I tell you – our boys plug that cord into our unused electric dryer outlet, then run the other end through the dryer vent to the generator outside.

At least – a real life shot!  Thoughout the day, we add cleaning cloths and dish rags to the laundry.  All dirty clothes are supposed to go in the big red basket, which helps keep the piles from blocking our air intake.  I’m reasonably sure the socks on the floor are actually clean.  On more than one occasion someone has forgotten to bring the clean laundry into the living room, and we’ve washed a perfectly clean load again.

I miss my shelves!  We have plans to add shelves or cabinets in here, but this works for now.  The old washboard on the wall reminds us how much time is saved in this room every day.  The baskets on top of the dryer are from the dollar store – I bought 12 of them for help in sorting clothes.  They are all supposed to be returned to the laundry room every day…

The laundry system that works for us is the room-by-room method.  Each room has a assigned day for laundry, so before breakfast we are supposed to get that day’s laundry started.  Our goal is to have the laundry folded and put away before 3:30pm, and when we meet that goal it works really well.  Usually we have a basket or four of clean laundry in the living room waiting to be folded.  We wash and dry a minimum of 3 loads of laundry every day except Sunday, and that’s if we are not getting really dirty.  Right now, we pretty much use the dryer exclusively, but for years we used to line-dry most of our laundry outside, and I still dry large loads of towel and sheets.  🙂  I have a loopy laundry line idea that really works!  Or check out what happened one day when my boys hung their laundry.

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6 comments to Open House: Laundry Room

  • The room system is still working for us, although now that we’ve reassigned bedrooms, I need to reassign days for each room.

    The baskets are a good idea, do you put each persons laundry in one basket? Right now we just dump all of the clean laundry on our ‘school’ table, fold and put away, but I can see a huge advantage of having a basket per person.

    Love the before pictures!

    • Cardamom

      I’m shuffling our days around in order to ensure the little girls have their clothes clean before Sunday. I don’t know why I assigned Monday to them… 🙂

      The baskets work very well! When a clean load of laundry is done, it gets taken to the living room. If it contains more than one person’s clothes, the children sort it into the “people baskets”, then each person folds their laundry, puts it away, and stacks the small basket on the dryer. When we’ve had a build-up of clean laundry baskets – we dump them all onto our big black couch OR onto the dining room table to sort into the small baskets. I’m planning to get sturdier baskets soon – while the dollar store ones work well for the little girls, they cannot hold a big kid’s laundry without buckling.

  • This laundry system works for us too. I still need to tweak it a little here and there. It’s funny you mentioned the “system” changing over the years. I wish I could share that more with Moms that ask my advice. I really think the best thing is to be flexible and not think that there will ever be one system. It has to change just like the seasons in order to really work. 🙂

  • I like your laundry room. I wouldn’t mind having your washer☺
    Thanks for sharing the pics

  • With growing children, laundry systems change…remodels, reorganizing and re-evaluation seems to take place. Looks like your reorganizing has made things more efficient and convenient…a hook for everything in a sense. 😉

    Blessings ~

  • I’ve really enjoyed your open house posts – thanks!
    Love that washboard on the wall – definitely a good reminder of how much more work it used to be.
    Have a lovely day

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