Wild Food From the Freezer

We live in the country, and love hunting and fishing…so…we have some pretty interesting things we’ll be eating this week.  We are working on emptying our chest freezer, making room for half of a cow we’re sharing with friends.

Tonight we fried up 3 huge largemouth bass – caught in a canal down the road from our house.

I’m thawing ribs, a ham, and I think a shoulder from a wild hog my husband shot while hunting – the kids did most of the butchering themselves. We’re planning to smoke them at a BBQ and Blastin’ get-together at our place this weekend.

Later this week we are going to dig out the rest of the pesky little squirrels that always get into our animal feed.  They are delicious when smothered in BBQ sauce and baked.  And yes, they do taste like chicken!

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2 comments to Wild Food From the Freezer

  • Wait — Are you serious about the squirrels? I was with you until you mentioned the squirrels. (Not that I’ve ever tried them, but I didn’t know people really ate them – I always thought that was like a hillbilly joke or something..) You live and learn! =)

    • Cardamom

      Amber – LOL, yes, I’m serious. 🙂 I almost didn’t put that in… First squirrel I tried was in NY shortly after I was married. They are actually really good.

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