Large Family Management Help

I am so excited about this, my fingers are practically dancing on the keyboard as I type. Today I discovered this book is finally in print!

A few years ago we were in the midst of remodeling and construction to add on to our home.  We lived in the house during this whole time, moving like nomads from room to room as different parts of the house were involved in the work.  My routines and schedules, that had been working like clockwork before, were in total chaos.  Somewhere online I found The Fly Lady and learned much from her tips and advice.  However, I had a difficult time adapting them to my large family.

Then a friend, who also has 9 children, told me to look up Large Family Logistics – it was like the Fly Lady, but written by a Christian woman, Kim Brenneman, with 8 children of her own.  I found it, knew God had brought me exactly what I needed, and my life began changing from chaos back to order again with what I learned (and am still learning).  I still have a home management binder with so much information printed out that I refer to at least once a week. Now I’ll have it in book form!

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  • Thank you so much for this book info. I knew that the book was out, but I did not know where to purchase it. I plan to order it today!

    I loved the hide-and-seek picture! Too funny!

    Have a great day!

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