Automatic Cleaning Tip From My 10 Year Old Son

We are neck-deep in deep house cleaning. We’re breaking out the toothbrushes – that’s how deep we’re going.

Today my boys were deep cleaning learning how to deep clean, and I picked on a corner they had missed.  “This is where you need to use the cleaning toothbrush and that dirt will be gone.”

My 10-year-old son grabbed a battery-powered toothbrush.  “Have you been using THAT?” I exclaimed.

“Yup.  I even used it to clean my shells once,” he said.

I almost shrieked, “And you use it for your teeth again?!?” (In my cleaning frenzy, I forgot that he prefers a regular toothbrush for his teeth now…)

“No, it’s just a cleaning toothbrush now, Mom.  Watch.”

He proceeded to put the toothbrush in the dirty corner, turned it on, and in about 2.7 seconds the corner was clean.  He didn’t move his hand, or even twist his wrist in that special way we moms use when wedging a cleaning toothbrush into those stubborn crevices.

I was impressed.  And THAT new automatic cleaning tip definitely works for me!

FYI This is the same son who came up with a hilarious, yet practical, tip for cutting onions… 😉  You know, I just remembered our family has a long and amusing history involving toothbrushes.

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