Natural Remedies From TriLight Health

Herbs and natural remedies – I haven’t written much about them yet, but they are a part of my everyday life. I’ve experimented with and made several types of home remedies for years. However, as a busy mom, I am always looking for quality herbal products that are readily available and easy to use. One of my favorite companies that I’ve purchased from for about 6 years is TriLight Health. Our family has used many of their formulas with great success – especially their herbal glycerites which are so yummy that I can give the Triple Echinacea and Goldenseal straight to my little kids on a spoon.  (Wow – I just saw they came out with a chocolate version of that formula!)

Anyway, just when I was getting ready to write and tell you where I get many of my natural remedies, I received an email from TriLight Health with an announcement. They are celebrating 19 years of business, and have completely redesigned their website. It is SO much easier to use!  You can also sign up for their newsletter which will keep you informed about their latest coupons, discounts, and  specials.

There are a two products in particular from TriLight that I am never without.

Lympha RubCombined essential oils of Lemon, Cajeput, Lavender, Clove, Myrrh and Chamomile in a base of extra virgin Olive Oil. This is a best seller at TriLight, and our first line of offense against earaches, sort throats, and sinus issues.   If my husband comes home from work and smells this aroma in the house, he knows we’re getting into “sick mode”…

  • At the slightest tickle of a sore throat, we rub a drop of two on the throat, and often the soreness is gone in 15 minutes.  This has been reported not only by my family, but by several other friends of mine.
  • When my children have congested coughs, we rub this on their chest and back to help bring relief.  For stuffed sinuses where we can’t breathe through our nose at night, we rub a drop or two on our nose and sinuses.  I’ve had my nasal passages open up within minutes of applying Lympha Rub, allowing me to breather easier and fall asleep.
  • For earaches, and any illness, we rub a drop just behind the ears on the lymph glands to stimulate the immune system.

Soothing SalveCombines Comfrey Leaf powder, Goldenseal Root and Echinacea with essential oils of Camphor, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Myrrh. We primarily use this to treat mosquito bites.  Sometimes a mosquito gets in our house at night and one of my children wakes up saying they have an itchy bite.  After a drop of Soothing Salve on the bite, they are back to sleep in minutes.  It can also be used for cuts and scratches.

We have been completely satisfied with everything we use from TriLight Health.

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