Large Family Logistics – It’s Here, and It’s Big!

If you missed my post about how excited I was that this book was finally in print, you can read it here.  I’m writing again today to just say my book is here…and it’s big!  When I saw the box from Vision Forum I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of box for a little hardback book! Wait a minute… it’s heavy!” My mouth dropped when I pulled out the book and showed it to my kids. Then I just had to take a picture of it next to a dinner plate for comparison.

Of course, I suppose I should expect that a book on large family management would be, um, LARGE.  I have only taken the time to glance over the pages, and skim one of the chapters that talks about having regular family feasts and celebrations – just because we are alive and serve an amazing God!  I know this is one of those books that I’ll probably finish in one sitting, so I haven’t dared to really sit down with it…yet. 🙂

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