Origami Christmas Star – A Video Tutorial

At this time of year when the stores are flashing all the fancy decorations for sale, I always like to find ways to save money. Years ago on the mission field, I made these stars to decorate our school for the Christmas program one year. I do not remember whether I learned this from a book, or if someone showed me, but I’ve known how to make these simple 4-point stars for about 25 years. They are so easy that several of my children have learned how to make them. You can use them for ornaments, garlands, tree toppers (tape two together back-to-back), or in place of bows on presents.

Origami Christmas stars made from wrapping paper and a recycled sparkly gold gift bag.

The neat thing about these stars is they are reusable! You can fold them flat again to store for next Christmas. If you make them out of sturdy paper, they will hold their shape beautifully and be useful for several years. You can also make them from a variety of recycled materials – my favorites are wrapping paper and gift bags that are too worn to re-use. Of course, you can also use origami paper which comes in a variety of colors.

Christmas star hanging on our dining room light, next to a paper crane garland.

After taking about 30 step-by-step pictures, I decided it might be easier to show you how to make these paper stars “in person”. Thanks to my camera man, Sam, I am happy to post my first video tutorial. In the video, I use a rather large piece of wrapping paper to make it easier for you to see the folds – smaller stars are a bit easier to work with and hold their shape better.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you make some stars, I’d love to hear what materials you used – pictures would be great, too. Have fun!

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