Homesteading Life: Rats In The Barn

My boys had a lot of work to do last Saturday as they assisted Daddy (along with a couple sisters) in “eRATicating” the rats that had decided to move in to some old lumber piles. We’ve been meaning to move the wood piles, you know… but life gets busy and things like that can get pushed aside. The priority list got adjusted when our kids reported rats scurrying during chicken feeding and egg-gathering chores. What started out as a morning project lasted all day, and was a smashing (sometimes literally) success! 🙂

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6 comments to Homesteading Life: Rats In The Barn

  • That young man looks entirely too pleased with his catch! 🙂
    Good job, fellas!

  • We had Roof Rats in our attic this past summer. We caught one in a rat trap. Then the outside cats caught several over the next few weeks, also were catching moles all of the sudden. We never heard another sound from the attic after the first one was caught. Most of the cat caught rats looked small. The one we caught looked big & female-ish (you know how you just know when you are a mother!)

    Every so often, even now in Winter, they catch something out there in the yard, but we rarely get to see it, they eat it so fast.

  • Visiting from Boys in Motion Link up. You have some very brave and not too squeamish boys!

  • Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. I CANNOT wait to explore your site! It looks like you have all sorts of good stuff and I so want to homestead!!

  • Ewww…I totally hate rats, and for years screamed involuntarily when ever I saw a mouse. That said I do love living in the country and the homesteading life

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