Egg Recipes Collection (Linky)

A few months ago we were overrun with eggs from our chickens, so I took a picture of several days’ worth of eggs, intending to get an “egg-linky” post up so we could get some new recipes.

Then we had sudden decline in egg production, which was explained when we discovered rats in the barn, helping themselves to the feed. The chickens had been stressed, which made them lay fewer eggs. (I think we trapped a few raccoons during that time, too.) I decided the linky post could wait.

The chickens have been laying well again, and we are blessed with anywhere between 2 and 3 dozen eggs per day. Yesterday morning we cleaned our two refrigerators, and counted the eggs.

There were twenty-nine 18-packs of eggs, plus two eggs. Yep, that’s 524 eggsover 43 dozen – in our house! To make a dent, we are going to give some to friends at work and church. Between our own meals and snacks, we can easily eat 2 dozen eggs in a day, so that helps. I’ve already shared several of my breakfast ideas, and many of them use quite a few eggs.

However, I’m in need of some “eggspiration” to break out of our rut of fried eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs (have you seen this peeling tip?), and oven pancake – as delicious as those are.

Do you have any egg recipes to share? It can be a main dish, side dish, a dessert recipe – or even a homemade facial mask – just please make sure it is a recipe that doesn’t skimp on the eggs! 🙂 Tell your friends who have that great recipe to stop by and share, too.

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15 comments to Egg Recipes Collection (Linky)

  • I can relate to having an overload of eggs!

    We’ve frequently taken loads of eggs (particularly in the summer when they really are laying daily) to local shelters, live-in rehab places & other organizations that support those in need with meals.

    We’ve put them in a cooler by the road with a sign “Free Fresh Eggs!” You can get rid of a few that way.

    Tell the mailman. I always find that news gets around quickly that way.

    This recipe for grain-free crepes uses lots of eggs and is very tasty:

    We also have omelet nights where we let the kids pick all their own toppings (kinda like a pizza!) and it gets them excited about having eggs (again!)

    When all else fails and we still have an aging over-abundance, we use them for target practice. Set ’em up on a 2×4 laid across two sawhorses. They make a very rewarding explosion . . .

    • Cardamom

      Thanks for the ideas, but I have to say my favorite is the target practice!!! We’re into that sort of thing… 😉 We could use up a LOT of eggs that way in short order! (I’m still chuckling…)

  • Brandae

    Do you have coconut flour? I’ve noticed that recipes using that flour require a LOT of eggs! and might be a help.

  • I don’t BELIEVE you requested egg recipes…too funny!

    I just got done posting on my blog our favorite comfort food…an egg dish! You can burn through a LOT of eggs making EGGS GOLDENROD… my kids favorite!

    Hope you like it! (it is fast and easy too!)

  • Good grief! Shouldn’t comment so late…read the LINKY after posting! Whoops! Sorry!

  • Lucy

    Don’t forget pound cake! A pound of flour, a pound of sugar, a pound of butter and, a pound of eggs!

    Here’s one recipe –

    Pound cake is one of my favorite desserts, topped with boysenberry yogurt!

  • I couldn’t resist linking to two recipes. The breakfast one is great, but the Pound Cake is not to be missed! We enjoy it every spring with fresh strawberries and cream. YUM!

  • candace

    Cara, over at Health, Home, Happiness has a recipe for coconut flour crepes that calls for a dozen eggs!

  • I just stumbled on your blog and linked up a bread pudding recipe. Can’t wait to try the others!

  • I added an older post but it sure was good! Eggs poached in tomato sauce. Not so pretty but very tasty! Found your blog through Wordless Wednesday, enjoying the egg links!

  • Cherish

    I’m a bit behind in reading, but I love corn-egg-cheese-sausage-casserole. It’s a great dinner on cold days.

    Mix eggs and a little milk if you want, add some canned corn, some grated cheese, and if you have it, some cooked sausage. I’ve also done it without meat or my mom used falafel made from a mix. Bake it at 350-375 until it’s done in the middle.

  • Kimberly M.

    Maybe you could pickle some and sell them. There is a lady near us who pickles eggs from her chickens, quails, ducks & guineas and sells them. She makes them all sorts of ways and will even make them to order.

    My favorite idea so far was the target practice one! My daughter is a skilled archer but gets bored shooting at the same targets. I found her shooting Skittles and Lifesavers a couple of weeks ago with her friend. I bet they would find the explosion gratifying and the dogs wouldn’t mind the clean up either!

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