Warrior Prayers: Praying The Word For Boys – A Review

Prayer – did you realize it is a command?  Our pastor always reminds us that it is a privilege and duty to pray.  It is amazing that God, who ordains everything that comes to pass, is pleased to work through the prayers of His people.  It is so important that God tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “Pray without ceasing.”

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need It Most – an ebook by Brooke McGlothlin, co-founder of The M.O.B. Society.

Since I have 3 boys of my own, this book sounded quite interesting to me.  To be honest, though, I admit I thought I would simply end up skimming it, just seeing some good things I already knew.  As a Christian, I know I have a duty to pray, and part of that duty is to pray for my children.  Although I do my best, many times I fail in this area, and merely think about praying for them, not actually doing it.

So I started reading, and was instantly struck by the earnest, conversational tone of the author.  I seriously would not have been surprised to look up and find Brooke actually sitting across from me in my living room. After the first few pages I felt like she was right there and we were chatting over a cup of coffee with the kids playing in the background!  There is absolutely no air of superiority in the book – no list of “do this and it will all work just fine.”

I tend to pay attention to another mom who genuinely admits they often have no clue about what to do!  When they begin to share that the only thing that keeps them going is the truth of God’s Word – I’m all ears. The following quote struck a resonant chord, because it is so true. Have you ever seen a statement like this in today’s popular “parenting” books?

You cannot change the hearts of your boys. You can’t. Period. It’s not your job. It’s so important that you get this, friends, because you’re going to want to be able to change their hearts more than anything in the world. Days, months, maybe even years of endless toil and labor for the sake of your sons will go by with no apparent fruit. Night after night you will cry out to the Lord for change. Day after day you will parent intentionally seeking the heart of your son. But until the King of kings, and Lord of lords turns his heart of stone to a heart of flesh, your son’s actions will be motivated by what is pleasing to him rather than by what is pleasing to the Lord.

– Warrior Prayers

I was smiling, nodding, and breathing a sigh of relief.  Knowing that God alone has the power to change hearts lifts a Christian parent’s spirit!  We are responsible to be faithful in doing what God has commanded us to do as parents. That’s hard enough – and only possible through Christ’s strength (Phil. 4:13).

So, yes, I was reading things that I knew – but I needed the reminder!  You can sense Brooke’s heartfelt sincerity, with an occasional dash of wry humor, written from the perspective of one who is in the trenches with her boys right now.  These verses came to mind:

“For this reason I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things, though you know and are established in the present truth.  Yes, I think it is right, as long as I am in this tent, to stir you up by reminding you…” 2 Peter 1:12-13

I often quote this passage to my children when they say, “But I already know that, Mom!”  We are sinful, forgetful people.  We need to be reminded of the truths we already know.  That’s why we need to read God’s Word daily.  It’s one of the reasons I read through the Bible in 90 Days last year – and I’m reading it again right now with my 5 oldest children.

Perhaps you are thinking, “But I don’t know HOW to ‘pray the Word’ – I’m not even that great at praying!  This is all so new to me!”  Brooke provides over 200 very short prayers, simply crafted from Scripture to help parents who might not be familiar with this concept.  The prayers give suggestions for how to pray for your boys in each of these crucial areas:

  • Obedience
  • Submission to Authority
  • Integrity
  • Avoiding Foolishness
  • Pride
  • Purity
  • A Servant’s Heart

  • Honor
  • The Fruit of the Spirit
  • Anger
  • Salvation
  • Heart Change
  • Honesty
  • Humility

This book was such an easy read – I read it in one sitting on a Sunday afternoon.  I was encouraged and re-energized to pray fervently – not only for my sons, but also for my daughters, my husband, everyone else – and myself.  I was also reminded of the need to continue diligently teaching God’s Word to my children:

All it takes to lose the truth of the Word of God is one set of parents who fail to teach it. And the result can be generations of men who don’t know and fear the Lord.

But the good news is this: you can choose right now to go to war for your son’s hearts. It’s never too late. Contrary to popular belief the battle won’t be won by reading and implementing the best parenting techniques. It won’t be won through late night talks, lectures on right and wrong, or even committing to a Bible-preaching church. These things are all part of the equation, but they don’t trump the most important piece of the fight.

Prayer. This battle is best fought on your knees.

– Warrior Prayers

In my opinion, if you are a Christian parent, this book is worth getting.  I plan to re-read it from time to time so I can be reminded of this most sacred duty of prayer for my children. The pages of suggested prayers can be useful for memorization or study.  I’m positive they will come in handy for “those days” when a desperate “help!” is all I can muster for prayer. 😉

The 51-page ebook is available for download at Brooke McGlothlin’s website for the very reasonable price of $5.97.

For a chance to WIN a download of this ebook, enter the giveaway at The Homeschool Village!

Review Disclaimer: Please note that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this resource by The Homeschool Village specifically for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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1 comment to Warrior Prayers: Praying The Word For Boys – A Review

  • Mom of four

    After just fighting one more of many losing battles with my son over his chores and home/school work your blog has renewed my spirits. I am now fighting the battle from my new position….on my knees in prayer. Thank you for the review, I will be purchasing the book.
    Mom of four

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