Happy Parakeets, Nuclear Reactors, and Miscellany

Hello, my name is Kimarie, and I have time to blog tonight! 🙂  In order to get you caught up, I’m going to try a “stream of consciousness” post – I think that’s what it’s called – typing whatever comes to mind, even if I jump around a bit.

You know, if you’d really like to get the latest news, especially when I don’t post as frequently, there’s The Cardamom’s Pod Facebook page.  It’s so easy for me to post a photo or status from my iPhone, and I do that semi-regularly there.  It’s my mini-blog, so to speak.  You could go and “like” that page right now and get caught up in no time!  Here on my blog, I’ve only had time to keep up with my review posts.  It is a privilege to be on the review team for The Homeschool Village – I really enjoy it.

We have a pair of parakeets who suddenly don’t hate each other – in fact, they are nesting!!! After we found an egg on the cage floor, we gave the birds a little cardboard box that was the perfect dimensions for a nest box.  We know it’s perfect because our female moved in immediately and rarely comes out – she’s now sitting on 5 eggs.  We are going to try letting them hatch and raise the youngsters themselves.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll try to grab the nestlings and hand-feed them, then incubate the eggs next time.

Don’t even get me started talking about incubating eggs.  We used to have a hatching season here several years ago.  We had 5 incubators and would hatch all varieties of eggs – quail, chicken, duck, turkey, goose, even a rhea! – from January through June.  I don’t quite remember how we did that with pregnancies, nursing babies, and toddlers – then I ran across one of our old calendars.  Did you know that calendars can be great memoirs if you write all sorts of stuff on them and then save them?  Here’s a peek at my brain in 2002:

There’s actually a system there – I’ll explain it another time.  It will be part of my “maximizing your sanity while raising a large family and incubating dozens of eggs” series – or something like that. 😉

Oh, yeah!  I have to tell you about the thing – hmm, seems I’m suffering from noun deficiency syndrome tonight… There’s been a big thing going on in our family since before I started this blog.  My husband has been training for 3 years to become a nuclear reactor control operator.  It was tough!  He wanted to quit several times.  We did our best to make things comfy for him when he came home from a long day of classes.  He did his best to keep in touch with the children and keep us all laughing.  He had innumerable exams, practice scenarios, more exams, observed watches – you get the idea.  We just found out TODAY that it is official – he has been granted a license by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to be a bonafide reactor control operator!  We are so thankful to God for His sustaining providence to our family, and especially my husband as he labored toward this goal, and made it!

So now we finally have a schedule – which is a “regular” series of rotating 12-hour shifts – sometimes he works nights, sometimes he works days, and we just make it all work.  For a homeschool family, it’s really cool, because many of his days off are during the week, so we can go on field trips when everyone else is in school and have many places all to ourselves!

Speaking of that, we are going to be getting a family pass to the zoo.  It’s awesome that the zoo is across the street from our dentist’s office – that will make dentist days more enjoyable!  And I’m really thankful for the family pass – for just a little more than it costs to get the whole family in for just one visit, we can go as much as we want in a year.  I think we will be spoiled.

In homestead news, we have another batch of 25 meat chickens going again – they are 2 weeks old, and ready to be moved into the pasture pen this week. After this batch of chickens, we are hoping to raise a small batch of meat ducks – probably Jumbo Pekins. They can handle the heat of a Florida summer better than chickens. After that, I’m dreaming of a Fawn Runner duck flock wandering around the yard – I call them Beatrix Potter ducks…*sigh*. (My husband thinks they are the weirdest-looking ducks e.v.e.r. but one of these days we’ll have them!) We are getting back into gardening, and doing a lot of catch-up/clean-up farm projects now that my husband is able to take some real vacation time here and there the next few months.

Well, I think that’s about all of my randomly flowing brain you can handle for now. Just leave a comment if you’re confused and I’ll try to clear things up. In fact, even if you’re not confused, you can leave a nice comment for me anyway. 😀

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