A Little Celebration and a $5 Gift Card

I’m having a tiny celebration. In two years of blogging, I really haven’t celebrated any “blogging milestones” – but I noticed something fun the other day:

Including my replies, there’s also 1,200 comments scattered among those posts! The Cardamom’s Pod has been blessed with a steadily increasing number of visitors over 2 years, too.  This screen shot from the bottom of the blog page is from this morning:

I’d like to have a little contest as a way to say “thank you” to all my readers and visitors. Keep an eye on that visitor count over the next few days – scroll to the bottom of the screen. The first person who emails me a screenshot with the number closest to (or at!) 50,000 will win a $5 Amazon gift card. To take a screenshot, hold down the “Control” [Ctrl] key while pressing the “Print Screen” [Prt Scr] key on your keyboard.

I’ll announce the winner soon after we’ve passed the 50,000 count. And, who knows? Maybe we’ll have a contest for $10 when I reach 100,000 visits… While you’re checking, feel free to look around, share some posts, and leave some nice comments. 😉

Most of all, thank YOU all for visiting and making this contest possible!


Update September 2, 2011 – This contest is now closed.  Congratulations to Amanda who sent in the winning screenshot and won the $5!

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