Adobe Student and Teacher Discounts

Some of my children are interested in learning computer graphic arts and web design, and I’ve been teaching them here and there using free programs. I realized, however, that they need to learn using the industry standard, which is software from Adobe. I found a place that offers fantastic deals for students – including homeschoolers!

Save up to 75% on software

Academic Superstore regularly offers student discounts that can literally save you hundreds of dollars, but if you’re considering Adobe Student and Teacher Editions, there’s a deal going on right now that you won’t want to miss.

Save an extra $20 through September 3, 2011, AND get free shipping through August 29, 2011 (that’s today!). The student/teacher discount is available to homeschoolers, too – some purchases require proof of eligibility that is easy to provide.

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4 comments to Adobe Student and Teacher Discounts

  • Wow! I’m impressed that you would try to teach this! I don’t think I could ever do that. One of mine could have taught the others, though!

    • Cardamom

      Let me emphasize that it will be more like facilitating their learning, than me “teaching” this. 😉 I’m still learning, too, and have never used Photoshop! My experience is using software 20 years ago like CorelDraw, PageMaker (which I think is InDesign now), and I’m teaching myself basic web design, very slowly. So the really fun part about homeschooling is the ability to learn WITH my children. In fact, I hope they will learn faster and start teaching me!

  • This is wonderful news. We bought software through this company when my husband was going to college, but I didn’t know they give the discounts to homeschoolers. Where on their site can I get more information?

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