Large Family Logistics – Why I Read The Appendices First

This is the last post linking up with the 4 Moms, 35 Kids as they’ve blogged through Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman. Today I’m going to tell you briefly about the part I read first: the Appendices! 

Yes, I definitely read them first.  In the section “How to Use This Book,” Kim told me:

If you are in dire straits, then you will want to go to the two appendices and start with a detailed strategy on how to bail out of a big mess.  Don’t stop there, though; come back to the beginning and nail down the details of homekeeping and attitude management.

I can follow directions. 🙂

Appendix A: Coping While Exhausted and Overwhelmed

We’ve all been there – pregnant, nursing, tired after illness, and other situations.  We desperately want someone to just tell us one small thing to do that will start getting us back on track.  That’s what this chapter is.  Short, simple steps to begin coping.

The first thing Kim tells us to do is to not be resentful (yikes!) but to thank God for this situation, at this time – even though we don’t see how it’s good for us.  Then read our Bibles every day with the children, and pray for strength and wisdom.  She goes on to list some easy things that can be done in 15 minutes – little “baby steps” that begin the process of simplification.

Appendix B: Moving Beyond Survival Mode

This contains twelve simple steps to do “if your home life needs a recovery session.”  These are very specific and easy to accomplish.  They make sense.  Each one is a very condensed version of the earlier chapters in the book such as morning and evening routines, meal planning, laundry, etc.  This appendix is so encouraging and motivating – it’s like physical therapy.  After a muscle injury, you are not supposed to just jump back in to full normal motion again.  You exercise a tiny, seemingly insignificant bit in small segments throughout the day.  You must be patient with this, or you will slow down the path to recovery.

This appendix is like home management therapy.  It’s like a personal mom coach standing next to you, saying, “It’s ok, you can do this.  Now let’s take 15 minutes and work in this area.  Done!  Great.  Take a little break now and go snuggle with and read to your kids.  Ok – let’s do this little bit now.  Don’t rush – it’s okay if it’s not perfect. 

See how big it is? It's worth it!

When you’re stronger we’ll come back to this area and get it all under control.  This is enough for now.  Good job!  You can do this because you can do all things through Christ’s strength.  Keep smiling!”

You really, really want your own copy now, right?

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