The Adventures of Munford (Review)

It’s always fun to find books for your children that are “living” books. They are like learning in real life – weaving teaching of several different subjects into the context of a story.

The Adventures of Munford books, by Jamie Aramini, are just that – a delightful blend of history, geography, and science – all told through the adventures of a water molecule. Well, he’s pictured as a water droplet because, as the book points out, you can’t actually see a single water molecule. 🙂

Our family was able to review one of The Adventures of Munford books: Munford Meets Robert Fulton. We began using it as a read-aloud, and found it enjoyable. It was easy to read (it’s written at an elementary reading level) with short chapters, so I could fit a little in here and there for school breaks. Then I just let my children finish the book. While very simple for the older children to read, it had enough detailed and new information in it for them. They commented several times how well-written it was, and how naturally the learning was woven in to the story. The younger children were just completely captivated by the adventures of the cute little water droplet.

In this book, we followed the story of Robert Fulton, who designed the first commercially successful steamship in America. The story follows him from his boyhood in colonial America, and along the way we meet Benjamin Franklin and Napolean Bonaparte. This is possible because little Munford – being water – can be rain, snow, sleet, or steam, and travel anywhere in the world!

For science, there’s the concepts of steam (vaporized Munford gets squished with a bunch of other steam molecules, and ends up propelling the steamship), clouds (his grandfather had warned him about all the types of clouds), and explosions (the gunpowder in fireworks) – just to name a few.

There’s also just enough goofy fun for the children in these books, too. Everyone cheered when Munford got into some gunpowder and ended up blown into the sky in a fireworks rocket. The children chortled with glee (while a few said “ew”) when he ended up in someone’s nose, and then was sneezed onto someone else’s watch!

There are three other Munford books so far about Lewis & Clark, The Klondike Gold Rush, and The American Revolution. Right now Geography Matters, the publishers of The Adventures of Munford have set up a coupon code so that if you want to buy, you can buy 3 books and get 1 free. That means you can get all the books that are published as of this date! The code – 4MUNFORD43 – is available for use on the Geography Matters website, and it expires October 31.

If you’d like to follow the author, Jamie Aramini, you can visit her website, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

I also found out that Munford is now really famous – he has his own Facebook page! Check it out!

Enter The Homeschool Village giveaway for an opportunity to win a set of all four books in The Adventures of Munford series! You can also read the other reviews from the great HSV review team.

Review Disclaimer: Please note that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this resource by The Homeschool Village specifically for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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