Happy New Year! I’m baaaack…

It’s hard to believe 2012 is already here!

I’m sitting in bed right now, blogging on my iPhone, bundled in a sweatsuit and a HAT that I plan to wear while I sleep. It’s cold in Florida right now. My Michigan relatives tell me otherwise, but… after 15 years in Florida, I’m acclimated. And I’m cold!

And yes, I still have plans for this blog, despite the fact that I’ve neglected it for two months! That’s right – my last post was waaay back in October. I tried to keep my Facebook page somewhat updated, so that’s the best place to catch up right now. But I will at least tell you that the main reason for the blog slowdown can be summed up in one word: BALLET. More on that happy development another time. 😉

Our next batch of meat chickens arrives on January 20th, in chick form. I like to call it baby meat.

Wednesday we have a couple of dentist appointments, and possibly a couple of doctor appointments. A few kids have fevers that won’t go away, and pneumonia is going around in our area, so we need to get that checked out.

And since it is now high midnight (the opposite is “high noon”, right?) – I need to get to sleep.

May you and yours experience God’s richest blessings in 2012!

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