How To Teach Science with a Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book (Review)

At first I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about being interested in a coloring book that had anything to do with chemistry. There’s a little history here – in high school I dropped chemistry before I could fail it… My children have not taken chemistry yet in our homeschool program – thankfully! My husband promises he will help teach it.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book has a “simplified periodic table” that immediately got my attention. When it comes to chemistry – I need simple. So it turns out that my past experience with chemistry may have given me a great perspective on reviewing this book!

From the introduction:

The intention of this material is to help the child become familiar and comfortable with the elements their world is made of, the periodic table and its concept, and the idea of chemistry as nothing to fear. With this in mind, the more complex elements and the man made elements are not included in this book.

Apparently the author, Teresa Bondora, had some resistance from the scientific community when she first started this concept. She strongly believes that it’s okay to “leave stuff out” when introducing elementary age children to the periodic table. Her premise is that if children have a good experience with a simplified periodic table when they’re younger, then they won’t be so overwhelmed and turned off when they see it in high school. In fact, Teresa hopes students might be eager, enjoy it, and end up with a lifelong love of science. (For more information, visit Teresa’s How To Teach Science site.)

For each element, there is:

  • a list of facts about the element
  • a bit of history
  • a coloring page with the name, atomic symbol, and items that contain that element

I actually found this interesting – it was short and simple, and I enjoyed reading the list of facts and history on each element. In using this with my children, I plan to make sure they read the list first, then they would be able to color the pages. The pictures are easy to color, and have to do with the element – for hydrogen there is volcanoes, water, rockets.

If you need some guidance for how to use this book in daily lessons, you can visit the How To Teach Science store and find 2 guides to using the periodic table, lesson plans, and even some science flash cards. From that link, you can purchase the book through Amazon for $25 – it is also available through Christian Book Distributors. You can also “Like” the Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book on Facebook.

Review Disclaimer: Please note that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this resource by The Homeschool Village specifically for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • I highly recommend Teresa Bondora’s excellent coloring book and her radical as well as refreshing ideas on teaching the periodic table to very young children.

    Eric Scerri
    author of “A Very Short Introduction to the Periodic Table,
    OUP, 2011.

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