Teach Math And Get Extra Math Practice Using Free Online Tools

I found a lot of these great free sites when I was looking for some extra help teaching long division last fall. It really helped end most of the hair-tearing and teeth-gnashing days… I prefer no-frills math practice, generally. Some have games – check them out first and use your judgment before turning your children loose on the computer. 🙂

Cool Math 4 Kids – has great step-by-step Long Division Lessons that my kids understood. I also like the Number Monster which allows you to pick operations and difficulty levels, and keeps track of your score.

Math Drills has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheet pages (complete with answer keys!).

Khan Academy – Heard about this from a friend at church. It’s comprised of thousands of YouTube instruction videos and is a HUGE site that goes way up to college level math. There’s even an iPhone app for this one.

Multiplication.com’s worksheet downloads, tests and quizzes downloads, and online tests and quizzes.

Big Brainz – Used to be known as Timez Attack as it only had times table practice. Now it has multiplication and division, and a beta version of addition and subtraction. Pretty high-tech game interface for what my children are used to – I limit the use of it (FYI you have to pick either a male or female green ogre/alien/thingy character). I do appreciate the fact that it really forces my children to learn ALL the facts – until they do, they are stuck in the “Dungeon of Ignoruntz.” Free download has base versions (not many different venues – just a dungeon, palace, a bit of a space station and a bit of jungle) and all the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. You have the option to upgrade to paid, fancier versions – I haven’t upgraded and don’t plan to.

Xtramath – Just heard about this from my friend Jenny. “A free web program for students, teachers, and parents to help kids master basic math facts.” A neat feature is it will email you progress reports on all your enrolled students – and will let you know if they haven’t practiced for a few days.

Do YOU have a favorite free online math site?
Please share it in the comments below. Thanks!

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  • We use IXL.com. They have a pay-per year program that gives you unlimited math practice. They also allow 20 free ‘practice’ problems per day per computer/ device. Since we have a laptop, a desktop, a tablet and an iPod, we have plenty of practice for myself, our 2 current scholers, the toddler when she is a couple of years bigger and an extra for hubby or whatever we need for the day. I don’t know but what if you shut your system down and booted back up, that may work the same as logging on to a different device. Maybe all you would have to do is to clear cookies in between students. I really like them. For good, old-fashioned typing practice we use cleverdragons.com for our guy and alwaysicecream.com for the little gal.

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