You Might Have a Lot of Children If…

You just might have a lot of children if…

  • someone at church meets you for the first time and says, “Nice to meet you. Wow! Either you don’t use birth control, or it’s not working!”
  • you are at a thrift store and people ask if you run a daycare – before they look at your children and notice they all look alike.
  • you can strike fear into the heart of your misbehaving toddler: as you actually get up, while carrying the nursing newborn, and step over the baby gate without falling.
  • you label the 8 brooms and dustpans with the names of where they “live”, so that when you find them all over the house, you can put them away easily. Even if they’ve been taken apart so the handle is the spear and the broom part is the Spartan helmet ornament…
  • you’ve been pregnant and/or nursing for so many years that one day your children ask you, “Mom, can you run?” and you answer, “Sure. But why?”


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