Meet the Pod

Welcome to The Cardamom’s Pod!

We are one husband and one wife, each devoted to the Lord, and covenanted to each other in marriage for nearly 18 years. We have been blessed above all that we could ask or think with nine lovely children. Our life’s pursuit is to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

I’m Kimarie, mother of the “Pod”.  I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, farming – but, as my daughter said, “those aren’t hobbies – those are your job!”  When I have time, I enjoy blogging, crocheting, learning to knit with Knifty Knitter, and calligraphy. I’ve always enjoyed archery and shooting, but lately I’ve really taken a liking to shooting clays!  I love learning with my children as I teach them.  Actually, I really like LOTS of things, and if I don’t know something, I’m an eager learner!

My husband David is incredibly smart, hard-working, upbeat, and just plain fun to be around. I can NOT imagine my life without him.  He is our steady leader and provider, and keeps us all working hard and laughing harder.

Tabitha (16) is an awesome cook, and a natural organizer/manager who can run the house better than me! She loves horses, and is writing several books.  She also is amazing with blending spices, and I’m hoping she starts her own business and gives me her mixes for free.

Jonathan (15) is hard-working and dependable, and is our deputy security officer. He is the family handyman and loves anything to do with hunting, fishing, or shooting.  Lately he supplies our family with lots of fresh tilapia using his bowfishing setup.

Deborah (14) is our kindness barometer, everyone’s favorite story-reader, and comes up with some of the deepest theological questions/conclusions.  She absolutely adores all kinds of animals, especially our beagle, and can play the piano for hours a day.

Samuel (13) is our cuddle-bug, and has always gravitated to the babies in our family. With his keen senses, he is the official spotter on all hunting expeditions.

Nathaniel (11) is our Y2K baby, a talented artist, quick-witted comedian, and always busy with something. He might end up as a great illustrator or movie director – of late he is teaching himself the art of Lego stop motion photography.

Elizabeth (10) is very princess-like, elegant, and thinks a day is not complete unless she can bake or cook something.  She loves to dance and has a natural talent for ballet.

Esther (8) is energetic, fearless, always busy writing, drawing or playing piano, and has a very tender heart.

Miriam (7) has been one of our strongest-willed children, but is very loving and sweet. She has huge blue eyes and loves being near Mommy and Daddy.  When she is not near us, she makes sure we hear her…  She also enjoys cutting up vegetables for salad all by herself.

Sarah (5) is Miriam’s shadow (which isn’t always good!) and has been the loudest child we’ve had. She is fun, and very loving – and pretends everything (from ice cube trays to sweet potatoes to empty ketchup bottles) is a baby.

We have always homeschooled our children and enjoy it greatly!  It is truly a never-ending adventure.

We live in a country location in Florida, and have had/continue to have lots of farming adventures.  Animals we’ve raised for meat/eggs/milk have included: quail, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, goats, and a cow.  We even hatched out a rhea one time, and think emu is delicious!

We try to make most of our food from scratch using real ingredients, and enjoy coming up with fast, easy recipes for large families.  We enjoy God’s creation through fishing, hunting, photography, and exploring (mainly in our yard for now).

Have a look around my categories!!  If you don’t want to miss a thing – subscribe to have our posts delivered to you by email or RSS.  I have a very full life, so sometimes blogging gets put on the back burner… We invite you to keep coming back for adventures, humor, thoughts, and tips – all fresh from the life of a family of eleven – as we learn and grow together in grace and the knowledge of the Lord.


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